Sunday, June 7, 2009

Featured Artist – impulseART

I came across this shop just the other day while lurking in the Etsy forums, and immediately fell in love with her work. ImpulsART is owned by Hailey Rose, who sells her own beautiful photographs, which are mostly of nature. Hailey lives in Utah, so she has some pretty spectacular nature to work with!

Hailey’s prices are very reasonable, ranging from under $10 for a 5” x 5” print to $45 for a 20” x 30” print. Once you see her work, you will want one of her photos for yourself.

This is my favorite print, “His Hand,” which features her fiancé’s hand holding a very tiny lizard. Beautiful and evocative, the subject is simple, yet lends itself to so many interpretations. I was captivated by it immediately.

Please take a few minutes to visit Hailey’s shop (or should I say her art gallery?). And by all means, buy something now, before she becomes so famous that you can’t afford her work any more!

Hailey’s bio:
Raised in a farm lifestyle I have always revered Mother Nature from the soil to the trees to the sky with all the wonderful living creatures and plants among her. "She" inspires me along with "life."

As it seems many photographer’s bio starts out... I got my first camera when I was 8. It was one of those obnoxious long skinny cameras that took that odd ball size film that cost a fortune to buy and develop. But this was "my" camera until I got older. In High School I took a year of photography where I worked with mostly black and whites and developed all of my own film and prints. At 18 my parents bought me a Nikon N80 (film, not digital).

I then took up a job working in a photo lab for almost a year processing lots of film. After a couple years I decided to jump on the digital band wagon and I could say "never looked back," but I do day dream about using film again. I have since graduated to using a Canon Rebel XTI. Besides my Ford Mustang ... my camera is my first love.

My fiancé' and I love our road-trips and all the opportunities to make memories and take great photos. Besides photography, I love to paint. I paint a bit of everything on anything. All just depends on my inspirations at that moment. I also enjoy working with wood and I like to putter with a little bit of jewelry, mostly made out of wood with some sort of painting involved.

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