Monday, June 8, 2009

Featured Artist – Wendy’s Stitchworks

Wendy’s Stitchworks is another shop that I discovered while lurking in the Etsy forums. Wendy’s avatar is a white cartoon poodle that I couldn’t resist following to a shop full of cute and clever hand stitched felt items.

One of Wendy's designs is a child’s felt necklace with a smiling cloud pendant. Cute? Of course, but what I like is that the cloud is actually a tiny purse with a snap closure. Not into anthropomorphic clouds? Then check out the zippered coin purses that are made to look like slices of fruit (watermelon and lime).

If you’re really into cute (and I know many of you who are), you’ll love, love, love the tiny bunny, kitty, and squirrel doll trio. These little critters stand only 3” tall and each wears a different, but very mod mini dress. Yes, these little ones look like they are heading out for a girls’ night out at the nearest dance party.

Finally, there is the piece that won me over completely: a hand-stitched mouse pad with a non-slip bottom and a tiny white cat standing guard over your mouse. Who could resist this? Not I, certainly.

Wendy’s items are also very reasonably priced, with everything currently selling for under $20 and many items under $10.

Move over, Hello Kitty, there’s a new cutie pie in town!

Wendy’s Stitchworks

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